Process Serving for Subpoenas

Fast, affordable, and reliable delivery of subpoenas Australia-wide and internationally.
Process Services
Subpoenas play an essential role in many different types of legal proceedings and compel individuals to attend Court in order to give evidence or produce documentation. Properly serving a subpoena to an individual contributes to the fair resolution of disputes.

To help you progress your legal case smoothly, Servedoc has access to a team of experienced process servers. We can coordinate with these field agents on your behalf to ensure your paperwork is delivered into the hands of the recipient in accordance with relevant laws.

Serving a subpoena
In Australia, there are specific rules and guidelines for the personal service of subpoenas. This involves physically delivering the subpoena to the person named in the document. Personal service is required in the Federal Circuit Court and Federal Court in certain circumstances, such as when serving the application to start a proceeding or when serving a subpoena on the person the subpoena is addressed to.

Failure to correctly serve a subpoena in the proper way can delay your proceedings and may have other consequences such as a Judge refusing to give you the orders that you seek. So if your case requires the personal service of a subpoena, talk to the team at Servedoc.

Why choose Servedoc to serve your subpoena?
Our licensed servers will make the delivery of your subpoena as straightforward, cost-effective, and efficient as possible. They are highly experienced at assisting with:

Locating hard-to-find and confrontational individuals: Some people can prove to be evasive and difficult to locate when it comes to legal matters. Our field agents have experience finding and serving hard-to-find individuals through methods like skip tracing. They are also trained in defusing heated situations. Most of the process servers we engage have a background experience in law enforcement or in the military, meaning they are able to keep calm if they find themselves in a confrontational situation. Additionally, many of our process servers work 6 to 7 days a week, including nights and weekends. This helps to ensure attempts are made to personally serve your subpoena documents at times when the recipient is likely to be home or at work.

Ensuring relevant laws are being followed: With strict laws that vary from state to state regarding how, when, and where an individual can be served a subpoena, our professionally trained servers will ensure that the service is done legally. Our agents know that abiding by local and state laws will help prevent problems, delays, and even dismissals later in the legal process.

Obtaining legal proof of service: After the subpoena has been served to the individual, our servers will also provide you with a proof of service, known as an Affidavit of Service, providing legally acceptable documentation that the person was served. The proof of service will include details such as the date, time and manner of service. This will allow your case to proceed without any undue delays.

How can you get in touch?
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We look forward to helping you in any way we can, including with any special requests. Wherever you are located in Australia or overseas, you deserve the best service possible, so choose Servedoc today.