Serve Court Documents or Divorce Papers on the Gold Coast

We specialise in personally serving individuals with all legal and official documents including but not limited to:


  • Originating process including claims and statements of claims and application
  • Writs and summons
  • Letters of demand
  • Domestic violence orders including ouster orders
  • Property notices including repossession and eviction notices


The requirements in divorce proceedings mean the defendant must be served with divorce papers. Serving divorce papers must be done properly before a court can hear the case and grant a divorce. Even if the partner refuses to sign, the process server can sign an affidavit stating that the documents have been served on that party.


  • Affidavit of Service by Hand (Divorce)
  • Affidavit Proving Signature (Divorce)

Serving legal documents in progress in Australia
We offer an urgent same day service seven days a week.


We can also collect and return original documents to and from your office if requested.

We also offer corporate document services to registered office addresses including:


  • Statutory demands
  • Winding up applications and orders
  • Liquidator notices etc.


There is no better way to effect service of an important document than by a Process Server. If serving a corporation, be aware that the Courts have held that delivery by registered post of a letter or notice addressed to the registered office of a corporation may not be deemed service on the registered office. We offer an affidavit of service for the following:


  • Letters of demand
  • Concerns Notices pursuant to the Defamation Act 2005
  • Stop and Desist Notices pursuant to the Peace and Good Behaviour Act 1982
  • Statutory Demands pursuant to the Corporations Act 2001

Our Gold Coast office is located in Robina. Our agents dispatched from the Gold Coast office service all suburbs in and around the Gold Coast, including rural South East Queensland and Norther New South Wales locations.


If you need an agent in the Gold Coast area to serve Court documents, such as an Initiating Application for Divorce, Application for Parenting Orders, Magistrates, District or Supreme Court Claim and Statement of Claim, QCAT Application or Claim, Subpoena, or any other document, such as a Statutory Demand or Letter of Demand, please do not hesitate to contact our Gold Coast office.

Gold Coast Office:
PO Box 495,
Varsity Lakes 4227 QLD Australia
1300 918 851

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Family Court Documents

Divorce applications:

  • Initiating Application for Divorce
  • Affidavit of eFiling
  • Marriage, families and separation brochure
  • Any other document filed with the Court relating to a Divorce Application
  • Acknowledgment of Service

For more information on serving Divorce documents by hand, see the Service of Divorce section on the Federal Circuit Court website.

Response to a Divorce application:

  • Response to Divorce
  • Affidavit in support
  • Any other supplementary documents

For more information on serving a Response to a Divorce, see the Service of Response section on the Federal Circuit Court website.

Parenting Order applications:

  • Initiating Application for Parenting Orders
  • Affidavit in support
  • Notice of Risk (if applicable)
  • Financial Statement (if applicable)
  • Marriage, families and separation brochure

For more information on serving Parenting Order documents, see the Service of Application starting a proceeding section on the Federal Circuit Court website.


  • Subpoena for production
  • Subpoena to give evidence (requires attendance at Court)
  • Subpoena for production and to give evidence

For more information on serving Subpoenas, see the Service of Subpoenas section of the Federal Circuit Court website.


Civil Court Documents

  • Claims & Statements of Claims
  • Complaints
  • Writs
  • Subpoenas
  • Applications (initiating and interlocutory)
  • Statements of Financial Position
  • Notice of Hearings
  • Summons
  • Enforcement Hearing Summons


Other documents

Personal service of any document is recommended where there is any concern that the recipient of the document may ignore the document if it were served by any other method (ie. Post, email or fax) or where the sender wants clear and indisputable evidence that documents have been brought to the attention of the recipient. We are willing to serve any document on any recipient, whether the recipient is a person, business or corporation, sole trader, partnership, firm, property manager or Warden. We have previously served the following kinds of documents:

  • Confidential letters and documents
  • Letters of demand
  • Defamation concerns notices
  • Deeds of settlement, deeds of acknowledgment
  • Letters where an acknowledgment of receipt is required to be signed
  • Binding financial agreements
  • Property settlement documents
  • Documents that required to be hand couriered that clients did not want to put in the post