About our fully licenced process servers 

At Servedoc, we engage a combination of our own process servers and trusted outsourced servers to complete document deliveries. 

Every field agent that we employ is fully licensed in the jurisdiction they are servicing in and have gone through rigorous background checks. They understand the utmost importance of  ensuring confidentiality when handling legal documents and will respect the privacy of involved parties. They are also well versed in dealing with highly sensitive matters such as DVO’s and child custody issues. 


The process servers on our team often hold backgrounds in legal, military or policing. This means they have experience in handling a wide range of personalities and reactions, conducting surveillance within the confines of the law and have the ability to handle evolving situations in order to get the job done.


They also have extensive knowledge of relevant laws and the legal system in order to be able to deliver notifications as per proper process serving procedures in jurisdictions they operate in. 

Stay informed every step of the way

A common challenge that lawyers face when organising process serving is that they have difficulty contacting field agents in order to provide updates to their clients about how the service process is progressing. 


At Servedoc, we have a full-time client services team on board who are always available to answer your queries and provide you with timely updates as the delivery of your documents progresses. 


Our team is just a quick phone call or email away, so you can provide assurances to your clients that everything is being handled correctly. 

About Serve Doc

Australia wide and international process servers you can rely on for on-time delivery

Servedoc offers a fully managed service for the formal hand delivery of legal documents to persons or parties in any Court jurisdiction across Australia and internationally.  


We understand how important it is to lawyers to correctly serve confidential and sensitive documents on behalf of their clients. Therefore our field agents strive to work as efficiently as possible whilst always following the letter of the law. Our aim is to take the weight of worrying about documents reaching the right people off your shoulders. 


Once our process servers have successfully delivered your documents on time, we guarantee that you will be provided with an affidavit of service for court so that you can progress with the next steps of your clients’ legal proceedings without delay. 

Types of documents our team can serve

Our process servers serve all types of legal documents, including summons and 

complaints, divorce papers, family court documents, subpoenas, citations, small claims court cases, order to show cause, petitions, discovery documents, evictions, landlord/tenant notices, motions, and more.


Why choose Servedoc?

We know that serving the right documents quickly and successfully is key to any legal proceeding. That is why we dedicate ourselves to efficient, experienced and wide-ranging services to help our clients with all they need. Whether you need a quick turnaround time, an affidavit or experienced professionals, we are here for you.

How can you get in touch? 

Do you want to learn more about our document serving options? Please contact us on 1300-918-851 or by email at We will be happy to answer any questions or address any concerns you have. 


We look forward to helping you in any way we can, including with any special requests. Wherever you are located in Australia or overseas, you deserve the best service possible, so choose Servedoc today.