Tales from the Field – Volume # 4

Serving Australian Divorce Documents in Greece: Navigating International Legal Waters In an interconnected world, where legal matters often transcend borders, ensuring the proper service of court documents becomes a complex undertaking. International serving is something we specialise in here at Servedoc. It’s not terribly uncommon for our team to receive enquiries about serving legal documents […]

Tales from the Field – Volume # 3

Navigating Challenges: Serving Court Documents in Regional India Serving court documents is an essential aspect of the legal process, ensuring that individuals are informed about legal proceedings and have the opportunity to respond.  However, the task of serving court documents to a recipient who is living overseas presents an intricate puzzle, often fraught with unique […]

Tales from the Field – Volume # 2

Our team of proactive process servers takes pride in their ability to tackle these obstacles head-on and achieve successful outcomes for our clients. Allow us to share a few intriguing tales from the field that exemplify the determination and resourcefulness of our agents as they navigate through unique situations to get the job done effectively. […]

Who can serve legal documents in Australia?

A comparison between using friends and family, bailiffs and process servers In order for a legal matter to be formally commenced in a Court, an “originating process” must be prepared and filed by the Applicant. This is the first step in commencing legal action such as: A civil claim A debt recovery claim Enforcement proceedings […]

Tales from the Field – Volume # 1

Sometimes our field agents can easily locate and deliver court documents to defendants in a few short hours or days. Sometimes…things are not so simple. At Servedoc, we engage proactive process servers who  pride themselves on getting the job done. Here’s just a few tales from the field to illustrate how our agents go about […]